Christchurch Arts Centre

Christchurch Arts Centre

Benjamin Mountfort
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Chris Whitty (Arts Centre)
Jolie Thomas

The restoration of the Christchurch Arts Centre has been in progress over the past 7 years. The project has been overseen by Chris Whitty, who has used a team of specialist Stonemason’s and Carpenter’s to painstakingly strengthen years of natural aging and more recently repair earthquake damage.
The clock tower was built in 1877 and was originally part of the Canterbury College (now known as Canterbury University) which over time has moved to its current site in Ilam, with the last studies on site culminating in 1978. Architect Benjamin Mountfort was inspired by the architectural style of Gothic revival, which was popular in that period in Christchurch.

Because of the heritage of these buildings, Canterbury Clay Bricks were engaged to replicate some of the Colonial shaped bricks.
Through a fantastic collaboration between Chris and the team at CCB a replica of the brick was produced and then hand aged on site, so that old and new blended seamlessly.
The Christchurch Art Centre always was and now will continue to be, one of Canterbury’s most historical icons, with the repairs and renovations beautifully demonstrating examples of outstanding craftsmanship and production techniques through the ages.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to photographic, computer screen and browser variations, the true representation of the finishes and colours in this website may vary. Kiln fired bricks are a natural product and therefore can vary in colour, texture and size.