Moncks Bay

Moncks Bay

Redcliffs, Christchurch


Parson Construction


Sarah Rowlands

Smooth Roman 290x50x70 (Custom colour & corner profiles)

Tucked in under the hills and close to the sea, meant careful consideration of new coastal flood planning constraints for this beautiful family home. With split multi-levels separating living and sleeping and a central entrance way up through a courtyard garden, every space you walk into oozes tranquility.

The colour palette and textures achieved with the use of warm cedars and custom made bricks achieves a warmth even on the coldest of days. The use of the brick internally also creates the feeling of strength and solidity.  This Roman profile brick, 290x50x70, gives thinner longer lines and works extremely well with the vertical Cedar.  The natural variation in a kiln fired brick works so well internally, allowing each room to settle into it’s environment. And a beautiful marriage has been struck between the bricks and the warm timber floors.  The Objects team worked with CCB on every detail of the bricks, with some obtuse angled bricks produced to create non standard corners with Terraforma providing a stunning lay.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to photographic, computer screen and browser variations, the true representation of the finishes and colours in this website may vary. Kiln fired bricks are a natural product and therefore can vary in colour, texture and size.