Ryan Residence

Ryan Residence


Arthouse Architecture

Hamish Ryan Construction

Benny’s Bricklaying

Sarah Rowlands & CCB

Create Range Paint Grade Roman (Bespoke)

A little inspiration from Central Otago architecture, black gabled barns and a phone call to CCB, was all it took for our clients and their architect Jorgen Andersen from Arthouse, to come up with this gem of a cladding combination.  A collaboration between Hamish Ryan Construction (the client), Arthouse, Benny’s Bricklaying and Canterbury Clay Bricks has produced a stunning home that others will envy for time to come.  The Roman brick was chosen for it’s thinner, longer profile versus a standard brick, so gives a slightly more layered look.  Add to that a wonderful random, raking stretcher bond, a bagged mortar joint to smudge the lines and paint and you achieve this stunning build.

Hamish and Donna Ryan were looking for a way to soften the black metal cladding on the gabled pavillions, which they achieved by using the painted brick and also timber windows and doors instead of aluminium.  The brickwork has also been cleverly utilised for screening and courtyard walls around the home and property which helps with privacy and shelter.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to photographic, computer screen and browser variations, the true representation of the finishes and colours in this website may vary. Kiln fired bricks are a natural product and therefore can vary in colour, texture and size.