Zed House

Zed House


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Custom Red Blend “Z Blend”

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In 2011 disaster struck in Canterbury, with many buildings and multi-generational family homes falling to the ground.  RTA Studio’s brief was to build a beautiful yet resilient home, with a minimum design life of 200 years, helping to create a new legacy for this historical Christchurch site.  In the words of RTA ‘this house is an abstract manifestation of the traditional home that once stood on this land’.


The client, architect, builder and bricklayer all worked in collaboration with Canterbury Clay Bricks to commission a custom made red brick blend.  Including multiple shades, textures, sizes and shapes, creating a sustainable and stunning home.  The use of permanent materials of bricks, concrete and timber, not only solidify this home to its beautiful historical landscape, but through standing on this land for many years to come, will mitigate its carbon footprint. Utilising bricks and concrete internally with natural sunlight for thermal mass and for future generations to enjoy a low maintenance easy to live in home that will stand the test of time.


The bricklaying is impeccable, with many different laying techniques used.  Curved walls, bullseye windows, arched doorways, vertical stack bonding and screening all give beautiful focus points and texture to the oversized, earthy brick walls.  Keeping the building materials simple, yet beautifully crafted and utilizing true artisan craftsmen and women, helped to create an extraordinary building and remarkable home.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to photographic, computer screen and browser variations, the true representation of the finishes and colours in this website may vary. Kiln fired bricks are a natural product and therefore can vary in colour, texture and size.